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Anne-Marie F. Registered Nurse and Midwife. Neonatal Cert. B.HlthSc.

"I have a congenital anomaly of my spine and have had to resort to surgery on L1 – L4 and C3 – C4. I have been on anti-inflammatory medication and over the counter analgesics to try and manage my pain for many, many years. Mainstream modalities such as physiotherapy and osteotherapy do not relieve the pain or improve my mobility. To assist me with managing chronic pain and poor mobility, I currently see Amanda every week for reiki. After a healing with Amanda, I leave feeling not only physically better but also tranquil. I have known Amanda Sullivan for nearly ten years. Amanda is a gentle and intuitive practitioner."


Shelly Read, Clinical Psychologist

"I have seen lots of different body workers over the years and can’t recommend Amanda more highly; she is incredibly intuitive and gifted. I have experienced huge reductions in tension following treatments with Amanda and feel very safe, comfortable and nurtured with her. I suffered a lower back injury last year and Amanda has had an amazing impact on my recovery. I’ve also experienced a feeling of calm and lightness following treatments which lasts throughout the following days. I have found that Amanda meets my body’s tension in a way that feels safe and allows me to relax. I would recommend her to anyone in need of therapeutic care; she is very skilled and her knowledge base is extensive."


E. Rider

"Having endured years of painful remedial massage working on a long term chronic pelvic issues, with no permanent resolution, it is a welcome surprise to feel the gradual improvements that are being achieved by this soft tissue and energetic approach. Deeply restorative and healing Bodywork, Amanda’s touch brings a gentle awareness to the areas of your body ready for healing. I am so grateful to have found Amanda."


Lucy Zimermann

"Amanda has made my fourth pregnancy by far the most comfortable. I haven't experienced any of the aches, pains or emotional issues I had last pregnancy. I so look forward to my weekly visit with Amanda knowing how calm and relaxed I feel afterwards and for the week ahead. I'd had pregnancy massages before but never experienced the complete treatment of body and soul that Amanda provides. I wish I'd found her sooner!"


Dr Coby Thompson - Network Chiropractor 

"Amanda is a natural healer and gives very relaxing and nurturing sessions. I felt at ease with her and really enjoyed the variety of treatments on offer. My stress and tension melted away, leaving me feeling refreshed and revitalised. Amanda intuitively went to parts of my body that were storing tension on a deeper level and helped to release this."


Julianne Hite, Registered Nurse and Midwife

"I have had several of Amanda's treatments which I found to be extremely relaxing and calming. During the massage I became totally relaxed, a feeling which lasted for hours after the session has finished. The long term benefits for me were a feeling of wellness and ability to cope better with life's stressors and also a decrease in abdominal bloating, headaches and pins and needles which I would develop in my arms particularly at night.  I would recommend Amanda's treatments for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of de-stressing."


Alex Fahy, Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer

Being in a physical occupation and running a house hold contemplating to take time out to have a massage is usually the last thing on my mind.

Over the past 12 months I  have felt more imbalance in my body, and little niggles I used to ignore have been more obvious.  Then I found Amanda.  After fortnightly massages with Amanda, I feel, recharged, defused and ready to tackle life again.  I now think how could I not create time for this, as my family and clients all benefit from my new sense of WELLBEING."


Berny Cross

"My 1st time experience with these treatments was very different to any thing I had tried before. It takes me some time to relax but after each session I was feeling a little better with less tension. I especially felt improvement in my knees and ankles which give me a great amount of pain everyday and at night especially. My weekly treatments made my days easier and I really looked to my sessions with Amanda who was very conscious of my personal needs, complete quiet with absolutely no distractions from others. Thank you Amanda for sharing your treaments with me."

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